About Me!

I am was a Ph.D. student at the University of Washington working with Arvind Krishnamurthy and Dan Ports in the Systems & Networking Group. Before coming here, I received my Integrated Bachelors and Masters in Computer Science & Engineering from IIT, Kharagpur where I was advised by Niloy Ganguly. I also spent two summers interning at MPI-SWS working under the amazing mentorship of Krishna Gummadi.

I am broadly interested in the field of distributed systems and networks. My current research focuses on high performance and low latency applications for datacenters. I work at both the OS and network layers to achieve the goals of my research. I am fascinated by all aspects of building a complete system which includes design, modeling, analysis, implementation, evaluation and measurement.

I have the pleasure of working with some fantastic colleagues,
Antoine Kaufmann, Jialin Li, Ming Liu, Adriana Szekeres, and Irene Zhang.

What do I work on?

A word cloud from the abstracts of my recent publications, generated using this tool.

Recent Publications